6 Considerations In Choosing Fence Gate Motors

Fence gate motors—the mechanisms that open and close fence gates—come in a surprisingly wide variety of configurations. Selecting the type that best fits your particular needs enables your fence gate to do its job reliably, smoothly and cost-effectively, whether your fence is a utilitarian fixture or an artistic statement. Here are a few factors to consider in choosing gate motors.

1. Swing Or Slide?

This fundamental design consideration determines the type of gate motor you need. Swing and slide motors require different configurations. You also need to specify the direction in which you would like your gate to open when talking with your gate motor manufacturer.

2. What Size And Speed Do You Need?

Your gate motor must be sized appropriately to handle the weight and speed demands of your gate. Too little power, and the motor will open slowly and under stress; that will shorten its life. Too much power, and the motor will open at a speed that might be unsafe, and it will use more energy than necessary.

3. How Will You Control Your Gate?

Remote controls, keypads and key fobs are just a few of the choices for controlling your gate conveniently.

4. Does The Manufacturer Stand By Its Motor?

A well-made gate motor, manufactured according to stringent standards, will last for years. Motors comprise of many moving parts, however, and that means defects and variances may become apparent with use. Before purchasing any gate motor, ask its manufacturer exactly what is covered under warranty and for how long and get it in writing.

5. What Is Your Budget?

The old maxim “You get what you pay for” tends to hold true. While the price of a gate motor should not be your first consideration, do weigh features against cost. What options do you need? What can you do without? A reputable gate motor manufacturer can help you sort this out.

6. Who Is Installing Your Gate Motor?

Installing a gate motor is beyond the capabilities of most folks, but if you are going the DIY route, see what is involved before you commit. Are there features that might make the job easier? What about local building codes and inspections? If the job looks too big for you to handle, hire experts to do the job. Your motor’s manufacturer may offer installation services. Ask for an installed price as well as the motor-only price, and weigh the value of your time and patience against cost.

Getting the right fence gate motor for the job depends on good communication with its manufacturer or supplier, and that means knowing what questions to ask. The experts at Triple Star Fencing Supplies stand at the ready to provide the answers you need.