Triple Star Fencing Supplies – About Us


Back in 1995, 3 friends were so driven by their passion for diecast machinery and manufacturing that they decided to start a company, and Triple Star Diecasting was born. Back then, we were making water and gas meters for LG Motorgas, Email Gas, and Schlumberger. Today we are proud to say that we have expanded our business significantly and relocated to new premises in Dandenong South, Melbourne, Australia.


Over the years, Triple Star Fencing Supplies has continued to go from strength to strength. We have added many new manufacturing techniques and products to our rapidly growing business including the manufacture of high quality fencing parts. As an Australian family owned business, we believe in traditional values and excellent customer service. As a result, we always strive to meet the needs and budgets of our customers and keep our costs low without ever compromising on quality.


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Driven by a Passion for Fencing Supplies and Diecasting, Committed to Customer Service


We are still as passionate about diecasting as when we first started. There are three fundamental values that we believe in:


  • We believe in providing our customers with the highest standards of engineering and manufacture as possible in order to exceed expectations time and time again.
  • Our dedication to lean manufacturing ensures high quality, competitive and efficient production and has helped us to develop strong working relationships with our existing customers.
  • We promise consistency and excellence in all phases of the production process. This ensures the highest quality finish and products you can trust. We listen to the opinions and comments of our customers and we are constantly reviewing and revising our services so that we provide the best possible value.


Triple Star Fencing supplies is proud to be certified to International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 standards.


At Triple Star Fencing Supplies we understand the importance of providing high grade fencing parts and diecasting to our customers. Call us today on 03 9793 111403 9793 1114 or contact us to find out more about our manufacturing techniques or any other aspect of our service.