Buying Powerful Gate Motors In Australia That Do The Job

Automatic fences require gate motors powerful enough to do the job, along with a number of other parts that you can buy separately or as a kit. Triple Star Fencing Supplies offers gate motors, as well as many other fencing supplies, and is happy to help customers make a selection.

Installing a moving gate requires one or two gate motors, foundation cases, release mechanisms, a control panel wired safety photocells, remotes, and an antenna. Before you buy a kit or motor, you need to have a clear idea of exactly what you need. Most gates either swing open or glide. If you are automating an existing gate, you need equipment that is made for the way it opens. You must also consider the length and width of the gate, and the distance it needs to open. If your gate does not operate correctly, you might consider replacing the gate prior to automation.

Types of Gate Motors In Australia

There are several types of gate motors available. The most popular ones include:

  • Linear ram motors: use a worm drive or screw jack action to retract the arm and open the gate, are suitable for most swing gates.
  • Underground motors: are mounted in the case flush to the ground and attached via a drive arm to the underside of the gate, are onsite and work well except for areas with poor drainage or high water table.
  • Articulated motors: use a hinge arm to operate the gate, are good for small ornamental gates or ones that need to open outwards.
  • Wheeled motors: feature a motorized wheel on the latch end of the gate, are a good choice for longer gates.
  • Sliding motors: use a cog that moves the gate along a toothed rack in the desired direction, are used for sliding gates

Buy For Duty Cycle Or Buy Voltage

How do you decide if a motor has enough power for your application? Whether you access your property through the gate a couple times a day or whether there is constant in and out traffic influences the type of motor you need. One thing to consider is the rating on the gate for duty cycle. This information, which may be offered as a percentage, indicates how many times the gate can open and close without the motor overheating. A gate rated at 50% that takes 30 seconds to open should rest for at least 30 seconds before it opens again. Some motors have a duty cycle of 100% which means they can be used continuously throughout the day.

If the motor lacks duty cycle rating, the voltage will indicate its use rating. For swing gates, you might want a 24v system if your gate will be opened more than five or six times an hour, which is likely with communal gates for apartments, condominiums, gated communities or commercial premises. For most domestic residential properties, a 230v system is all that is needed. For sliding gates, the values reverse, so that a 24v gate automation system is appropriate for single-family homes, while 230v systems are the ones to get for commercial applications.

For good selection of gate motors to automate your residential or commercial fencing, Triple Star Fencing Supplies can help. Visit our website or subscribe to our newsletter today!