Electronic Gate Motors: Find Your Perfect Fit

Updating your fence with electronic gate motors is a game changer. Never again will you have to manually open your gate to enter or exit your home. Instead, a simple push of a button grants you instant access in, or effectively secures your property as you leave. 

Consider a few important points when choosing the right electronic gate motors for your fencing system. To find the best fit, think about critical factors such as:

How Your Gate Opens: Does your gateway slide or swing open? Swinging gates open in and out, much like doors found throughout your home. Swinging models use wheels to open side-to-side. Knowing how and in which direction your gates open will instantly eliminate various electronic gate motors and help you identify more feasible options. If you have a slider model, you will want to think about the length of the overall unit so your openers have enough chain. For swinging styles, you should determine if your gate opens with just one panel, or dual opening panels.

Weight Of Panels: Gateways come in every size, shape, and weight; it's important to think about all of these factors when determining the right motor. Heavier panels will require more power and torque to open smoothly. A qualified fence supply company will help you do the needed math to ensure you have a sufficiently powered model to suit your needs.

Column Size/Width: Motors attach to the columns grounding gateways, making them a key component in the decision process. You will want to look at the size of these columns to guarantee they are wide and sturdy enough to manage the weight of your motor.

Other Factors To Consider

Another major determinant in the process: power. These electronic gate motors will require access to a power source. Many leading models offer AC power, but also include other power sources such as battery and/or solar. These multi-power sourced models mean that, even during a power shortage, your gates should still work, allowing entry and exit from the property. In the very least, your model should default to staying open or closed until power is restored. 

Some models run strictly on solar power or batteries. While they may seem a more feasible option initially, it's important to think about how often you will use the gates. If the gate is in a high-traffic area, you will quickly deplete the power resources on these models (as well as increase overall wear and tear on the unit). Your chosen fencing provider will have the insight needed to discuss how to connect your gate to a valid power source that delivers optimal convenience based on your specific usage requirements.

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