Four Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Fence Gate Motors

Creating a beautiful, functional fence for your home or business can be extremely rewarding. Whether designed as an ornamental addition, or an important security feature of your property, a vital component of every effective design are the access points and the gates that will service them. For entrances that will require remote access, fence gate motors will need to be installed. Specifically engineered to carry out automated opening and closing tasks, these machines are the unsung heroes of great enclosure design and can make or break your fencing project.

While each application will come complete with its own unique variables, there are four key features of every project that should be taken into consideration when selecting the right fence gate motors to carry out your desired opening and closing operations.

Method Of Opening

The most obvious quality that you'll first need to establish about your gate design is the way it will function. Most modern motorized residential and commercial fences use sliding openings to allow the egress to open from one side to the other, or from the middle to either side. There are, however, some instances where a swinging operation is preferred. It's important to understand how either design will affect the overall property layout, functionality of the gate and the requirements of the motor. Be sure to select a motor that's specifically designed and engineered to operate your particular gate.

Overall Weight

Perhaps the next most important factor in choosing how your fences will be opened and closed is the total weight of your gate. The materials, design, functionality and even property grade can all affect the load placed on the fence gate motors you choose, and it's essential to be aware of the weight ratings and operational parameters of each mechanical element to achieve optimal performance. Overloaded motors can cause slow operation, additional wear and tear on fixtures and mechanics and an increased chance of failures. Utilizing an opener strong enough to handle the job can save a lot of time and frustration throughout the life of your enclosure.

Speed Requirements Of Your Fence Gate Motors

Depending on your particular application you may require gates that can open and close at a given speed. In security situations it may be important that any opening is quickly closed once someone has entered the property. Conversely, homeowners may not want to worry about hurrying through before the egress is closed. Many high quality motors have speed setting that will allow users to adjust the speed of the open/close operation but, once again, it's important to recognize and understand the limitations of each model you are considering to ensure that it will be capable of delivering the required performance.

Additional Feature Requirements

The final variables to consider are any special requirements of your particular project. It can be incredibly frustrating to spend all the time and effort to install a powered gate system only to find out that it can't accommodate some of your needs. Do you have specific safety requirements based on location, industry or application? Are there particular sensor options that will need to be addressed? Are there installation requirements or particulars such as location of power supply that will affect your choice? Be sure to consider every aspect of your project before making your final decision to ensure your time, effort and money aren't wasted.

There's no doubt that proper enclosure construction can be a tricky business, so it's often wise to consult with professionals who understand how each of the above variables can affect your project, and who can help recommend the proper fence gate motors to suit your needs.