Choosing Decorative Fencing Products That Reflect You

Fencing products are not merely functional. In fact, while fences do certainly define boundaries and provide protection on the perimeter of your property, they can also speak volumes of your personality. Whether installed on residential or commercial properties, fencing can be aesthetically pleasing and echo the character of its individual or corporate owner. 

The material selected for a fence (i.e. diecast metal, vinyl, wood, and so on) is itself an indicator of personality, but specifically in the case of diecasting, there are a number of decorative elements that can be added to the fencing panels to more intricately reflect one's brand or style.

Ornamental Fencing Products

Diecasting is a process that allows for flexibility of design since traditional geometric shapes can also be complemented by custom moulds. Decorative fence adornments include the following:

  1. Caps. Fence post caps provide a decorative element between panels and range in style from simple to ornate. A basic aluminium ball post cap can invoke a traditional feel, while something like a flat steel cap can create sleek, modern lines. Consider something like a lion post cap for a particularly regal air. 
  2. Spears. One of the most ornate types of fencing products is spears. They provide an element of protection to your fence, and also can create more shapeliness. Jester or imperial female spears bring rounded curves into your fence's profile, while jack or knight female spears produce a harsher, more severe shape.
  3. Scrolls. If you want your fence to have a particularly romantic, whimsical air, scrolls are definitely for you. They can be used independently of spears or in addition to spears, and can be integrated not only at the top of the fence tubing but also along the bottom or midsection of fence panels. They range from simple C scrolls to ornate S scrolls.
  4. Rings. Like scrolls, rings can add a certain softness to diecast fencing products if something like the typical circle shape or a heart shape is selected. Sharper lines can be created by diamond or X shapes. 
  5. Letterboxes. Selecting a letterbox with facing that matches your personal style can be a great ornamental touch for your fence. Letterbox facing can be plain and unadorned or can be decorated with scrolls and embellishments. Choose a letterbox that matches the tone of your other ornamental products. 

Triple Star Offers Fencing Products Unique To You 

Fencing products don't have to be one-size-fits-all. In fact, you can make your fence unique to you by selecting ornamental embellishments that speak to your personal style. Whether you want your fence to be an imposing, modern construction with straight lines, traditional spears, and a plain letterbox or an airy, fanciful edifice complete with ornate S scrolls and heart-shaped rings, Triple Star Fencing Supplies is here to help you design a truly distinctive addition to your property.

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