Fence Materials and Products For Commercial and Residential Installation

Our lean manufacturing process allows us to produce our fencing materials and products for less – and we pass the savings on to you – our loyal customers. With every piece we produce, we ensure our strict quality has been met. This allows us to provide high-quality fence products and accessories for much less than other providers.

Fine Quality Fencing Products For Less Money With Triple Star Fencing Supplies

When it comes to fencing products, we offer a complete line for commercial and residential installation, including:

  • Fence Spears
  • Fence Post Caps
  • Brackets
  • Scrolls
  • Fittings
  • Locks and Latches

With an abundance of styles, materials, and applications, our product line is popular with our customers in both commercial and residential applications. In fact, our available styles set us apart as we’re able to provide various products for many styles of architecture.

A Leading Fencing Products Provider in Australia - Triple Star Fencing Supplies

Founded in 1994, Triple Star Fencing Supplies has quickly become the leading provider of fencing products due, in part, to our company’s ability to meet the demands of our customer’s fence product needs while maintaining a low overhead. This low overhead operating style allows us to offer competitive prices on all of our product lines.

If you’re in the market for superior quality fencing products call our team of fence product professionals today at 03 9793 111403 9793 1114. You can also call our manufacturing team at 03 9793 388803 9793 3888. We are happy to answer any questions and speak to you about how our business can help meet your goals.