You May Need Updated Fence Supplies To Comply With Pool Safety Laws

If you buy or lease a property with a pool, you may need to consider new fence supplies to comply with pool safety laws. Australian laws are becoming increasingly stringent when it comes to pool safety, and as a new occupant of the property, safety is important from day one. 

Safety Laws In Australia Require Pool Fencing 

Across Australia, laws vary on some of the specifics of pool safety laws, but one part of the law remains consistent; swimming pools must be properly fenced to prevent accidental drownings, especially by children. It is the property owner’s responsibility to have proper barriers to the pool, as well as installing and maintaining full fencing that meets mandated safety standards. Anyone who sells, buys, or leases a property with a pool must make sure to have a pool safety certificate that verifies the pool is safe and meets fencing requirements. 

In Queensland, for example, if sellers have no pool safety certificate, they must notify the potential buyer and the Department of Housing and Public Works with a Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate. Either the buyer or the seller must then engage the services of a licensed pool safety inspector who will verify that the pool meets all regulations, thus granting the owners a pool safety certificate.

If you rent or lease, much of the responsibility for ensuring pool safety lies with your landlord for in-ground pools, but there are laws for above-ground, inflatable pools, as well. Laws in Queensland require fencing for portable pools and spas that can be filled with 300 millimetres of water or more. In addition, tenants must keep the pool gate shut. They must also make sure nothing is left near the fence that would make it easier for children to climb over it.

Pool Fences Help You Keep It Safe

Fencing is a major component of pool safety laws, so pool owners need a reliable source of fence supplies and a vendor who understands the laws. The fence must meet the height requirements of 1200mm and have a gap of 100mm or less at the bottom or between the panels. The pool must have gates built, so that they swing away from the pool, along with a child safety lock secured to the other side. 

When you are looking for a supplier of fencing components, Triple Star Fencing Supplies offers an array of panels, brackets, caps, gate motors, and more to complete the job. All products are long lasting, so that with proper maintenance, your biannual pool safety certificate will always be renewed.

Meet local codes, make your pool safe, and beautify your property with fencing supplies from Triple Star. Call, email or request a risk-free quote for more information.