Choose A Local Fencing Manufacturer With High Standards

When you buy fencing for your property, you want to buy from a fencing manufacturer and distributor who subscribe to the same high standards that you do. You want your fence to be secure, durable, low maintenance, and made of quality materials that will last in the conditions where you live and will protect your property. With many fencing producers operating in faraway locations around the world, it is important to pick a company who is ISO 9001 certified.

Choose A Local Fencing Manufacturer With ISO 9001 Quality Certifications

Triple Star is located right in Australia, which gives buyers the advantage of buying from a nearby location for easy availability and quick delivery. The company is ISO certified to assure customers that the products meet quality standards each and every time, with a goal of zero defects. There are standards in place that govern every part of the process. The assumption is that if a successful procedure is carefully followed each and every time, the results will be free of defects. In the case there is a defect in a particular batch of material or manufactured items, the process is well documented so the company's quality assurance department can trace the source of the problem. This assures that the next run will be perfect.

Triple Star knows that buyers in all markets have specialized concerns. Many fencing products, for example, are installed around swimming pools to make them safe, especially for children. Research and experience have shown that adequate fencing can also prevent accidental electrical groundings, so Triple Star produces stock and custom products that meet or exceed local and regional standards.

Made With Workgroup Safety In Mind

Making quality materials is more than producing flawless parts. It is important in doing work in a way that is safe for employees and kind to the environment. Any job that uses hot metal, such as fencing, has the potential to be extremely dangerous unless strict safety guidelines are developed, practiced, and evaluated. To protect workers, Triple Star adheres to practices that include providing safety equipment to workers, only approving practices that are safe, not permitting unsafe activities on the shop floor, worker training, and keeping safety records.

Environmentally-Conscious Manufacturing

Triple Star is also concerned about the environmental impact of its processes. There is a strong focus on recycling scrap and on using manufacturing processes and materials that have minimal negative effects on the environment. Sealants, paints, power coatings, and other products use to make fence posts, hardware, panels, balances, finials, and other trim are safely prepared, used, stored, and disposed of according to manufacturer's directions.

Triple Star Fencing Supplies aims to be a fencing manufacturer who understands the importance of providing high grade fencing parts and die casting that meet international standards for quality. Call us today on 03 9793 1114 to find out more about our quality manufacturing techniques, any other aspect of our service or check our website.