Join With Neighbours To Buy Affordable Fence Supplies In Australia

Australia is a beautiful country that attracts not only travellers world wide, but a variety of wildlife that include kangaroos, dingos, rabbits, emus, toads, and snakes. History books are chock full of stories about fences built to protect settlers from many of these pests in an effort to protect crops and people, so fence supplies in Australia have always been a hot commodity. As a modern homeowner, you may grapple with a humane fencing solution to keep some of this wildlife away from your home and keep your garden and landscaping safe. You may also have to negotiate with your neighbours.

Fencing Your Property

Installing a fence can be a source of contention among neighbours, when some want it and some don’t. Fencing is costly, and since a property owner is expected to pay for parts of the fence that separate your property from an adjacent property, your neighbours may object. To handle disputes about fences, provisions such as the Fences Act in Victoria lay down some guiding principles, such as:
  • How to inform neighbours about building a fence: If you and your neighbour cannot agree on the need for a fence, you must, under the Fence Act, present a fencing notice to your neighbour that lays out the proposal for a fence.
  • Who pays for a dividing fence: Costs are split equally unless one party wants a more expensive one. In that case, the one who wants the upgrade pays the difference. If you are in a better economic position than your neighbour, you can pay for the materials and installation, but he still has responsibility to care for it.
  • The type of fence to be built: The fence that the Act requires is in line with the purpose of the fence, the types of fences in the neighbourhood, and the type of existing fences. 
  • How to resolve disputes that come up when discussing fencing works with your neighbour: If you neighbour will not agree, you may be able to install the fence and recover the neighbour's part in court.

Despite legal remedies in Victoria and other places around the country, the best way to build a fence is to work with your neighbour to develop a plan you can both live with and agree on a design that you carry out with reasonably-priced fence supplies. In Australia, a good fence adds value to property, while protecting it. 

Affordable Fence Supplies In Australia Won't Break The Bank

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