How To Choose Gate Motors Based For Swinging And Sliding Operations

There's no doubt that gate motors make gate operation easier but this is only true if the motor is the right selection for your specific gate. What do we mean by that? Well, different gates have different motor needs. Sliding gates and swing gates work differently, primarily by the way they are set up. Gates also have different power demands and safety needs. Don't worry though, whether it's a swinging gate or a sliding gate, you can still find gate motors that are high-tech, convenient, and safe.

5 Factors To Keep in Mind When Choosing Gate Motors 

Whether the gate swings open or slides open, there are 5 factors that you must take into account to properly size your new gate motor.

  • The Weight Of The Gate. Gate motors are rated to work up to a certain gate weight. Anything over that can damage the motor causing it to fail prematurely or turn what should be a smooth operation into a slow and tedious process just to get into your driveway! 
  • The Quality Of The Gate. Some gates just open easier than others. A lot of this has to do with the quality of the gate but gates can be hard to open due to poor design, sub-par installation, or damage. Even the best gate motors can't make up for gates that just plain don't work well.
  • The Source Of Power. Gate motors can be powered in many different ways. They may work on AC power, through solar panels, or have battery backup. Some motors will even use all three-power sources to ensure the gate always has the power it needs to open.
  • The Frequency Of Use. How often you open and close your gate can affect gate motor selection as well as the source of power your motor needs. If you open and close the gate quite often, look for a heavy-duty gate motor that can withstand the constant stress and pressure.
  • The Size Of The Columns. Huh? The columns affect the gate motor? Yes, they do. The gate opener will be attached to columns at the edge of the gate, so you need to know how big those columns are so you can properly size the opener. The columns must be big enough and strong enough to handle the piece of machinery.

Special Considerations For Swings Vs. Sliding Gates

Swinging gates have motors that power either swing arm operators which extend to open the gate or ram arms, which are hydraulic or piston-driven arms located on the gate that work to pull it open. For those motors to work well, you need to consider: 

  • The number of pieces that swing open. There are different motors for single vs. dual-swing gates. 
  • The length of each piece that swings out. Somewhat related to weight, you'll need a motor that has the power to get the job done.

Sliding gates move on wheels and pull apart in the middle to create an opening through vehicles and people can pass. Gate openers usually consist of chains at the bottom of the gate. When powered by gate motors, these chains open and close the gate. When choosing gate motors for sliding gates you'll need to consider the length of the gate, so you can buy a chain that is long enough.

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