What You Should Know About Australia's Fence Gate Motor Selection

For homeowners in Australia, fence gate motors are offered in a wide selection of configurations. Triple Star Fencing Supplies has the right motor for your fence gate, and some expert advice on choosing the one that will provide you best value, utility, safety, and security. You depend on your fence gate to protect your property and family, and to provide convenient access to the vehicles and people you invite to your home. Whether you are upgrading an existing fence gate or motor, or you are installing one for the first time, here are some important things to consider:

  • Mode Of Gate Operation – Does your fence gate swing open or slide aside? Is there one moving panel or are there two? Swing gate and sliding gates require different types of motors for correct operation. Swing gates are quieter in operation and generally less expensive to install, but they require a significant amount of clear space in order to open. Sliding gates are often able to fit into spaces where a swing gate will not fit, but they require a more complex installation and more maintenance. 
  • Correct Motor Size – The motor size your fence gate will require depends upon several factors. The weight of your gate is a primary consideration, but you cannot overlook other factors like whether the gate will swing or roll on a level plane, and the speed at which you want your gate to open and close. Most modern gate motors offer variable speed operation, but in order to operate faster, it must have sufficient power to accommodate the weight of the gate itself and any slope it may have to contend with. Using an undersized motor will cause the useful life of your motor to be shortened, sometimes significantly. Choosing the proper motor size ensures that you will enjoy smooth, quiet operation at a speed that suits your needs for many years to come. 
  • Convenience And Safety – Contemporary fence gate motors offer a number of safety and convenience features to homeowners. Before choosing your gate motor, it is important to think over which of these features you are likely to use today and over the lifespan of the motor. Do you use a smarthome system or a mobile phone app to operate your gate? Do you want to be able to open the gate when you are away at work, for deliveries or workmen? Do you want your gate to report to your security system when it has been activated? Will you want a pressure sensor to open and close the gate automatically when a vehicle drives up? All of these features are available to you, if you choose a gate motor that supports them in the first place. Plan ahead for years of convenience and security.

Get Expert Advice On Choosing Your Gate Motor

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