Keep Your Property Secure With A New Sliding Fence Gate Motor

Fence gate motors are an invaluable tool for keeping your property secure with safe and convenient access for the people and vehicles you want on your property, and preventing access by those you do not want. Whether you are considering replacing a gate motor which is no longer working well or is outmoded in features, or you are installing a motor on your sliding gate for the first time, there are some important considerations you should be aware of before making a choice.

Is The Gate In Good Repair?

Before you replace your fence gate motor, inspect and observe your sliding gate and its track. You will want to be sure that the gate itself is free from rust or corrosion and that it is not bent, warped, or otherwise damaged, and be sure there are no obstructions that will impair proper function or potentially harm the new motor by putting it under undue strain. If you are unsure as to whether your gate function problems stem from the motor or the gate itself, you should request a professional inspection and assessment.

Power And Speed Requirements

Of course, the weight of your gate is a primary consideration when you are selecting a gate motor, but it is not the only factor that can make the difference between smooth operation and continual aggravation. Does your gate operate on the level, or is there a slope involved? A sloping track will likely require a stronger motor to slide the gate efficiently. If your gate opening is very wide or very narrow, you may also need to consider the speed at which your gate opens and closes. Many gate motors offer variable speed settings, but the motor needs to offer adequate power to achieve the speed you want under your particular circumstances. Choosing the correct motor size also provides you with nice, quiet operation, and prolongs the useful life of your investment.

Sensors And Remote Operation

Will you want to operate your gate using sensors? Two common types of sensors are infrared and pressure sensors, which can automatically open or close you gate when it senses a vehicle. Does your gate need keypad access or an intercom to allow you to open the gate remotely for visitors? Will you want to use a mobile phone application to open the door remotely? Thinking through the ways in which you plan to access your gate or limit access to others now will save you hassles later. Be certain that the motor you are considering can support any features you want.

Consult The Experts

When you are ready to replace or install a sliding fence gate motor, you will find it much easier to make the right choices with professional help. The experts at Triple Star Fencing Supplies know what questions to ask to lead you through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will make sure you get a gate motor that does everything you need today and in the future, to keep your property and family safe and secure. Request a quote online or call us today at 03 9793 1114 for expert advice on all your fencing needs.