Select The Right Gate Motor For Fence Installations At Your Home

When you are choosing a gate for your property, you have the choice between a swinging gate or a sliding one. Either can be manual or automatic, using gate motors. For a fence to be convenient and right for your property, it is important to assess the advantages of each.

Having a fence on your property makes your home more secure, as it is a deterrent for intruders. While you want to be protected when you are away from the property, you also want to feel secure when you return home and enter the gate. Either a swinging or sliding gate can be operated via a keypad, remote, or phone that makes it unnecessary to get out of the car to activate it, which offers protection from the elements or in some cases, anyone lurking about.

What Type Of Gate Should You Buy?

Many home owners prefer swing-type gates as after they activate the opening motion, they can continue to slow drive through as the gate opens. When they are a bi-part style that swings inward, they do not have to open the whole way to let a car through. For the utmost flexibility, the gates can reverse the opening style so that the panels swing outward. This type of gate takes more room to operate, so the style is not suitable for small properties or ones set on an incline. However, if you have the room, it is considered quieter and even has fewer moving parts, therefore, less inclined to break down.

Sliding gates operate along a track to open from one direction or to part in the middle. They offer a neat look to a property and waste no space to allow for the swing. With a bi-partite style, you can get the advantage of being able to enter the property once the gate has opened wide enough to permit entry, although you must remain stopped until you have clearance. 

Whether you go with a swing or sliding gate, you will need two motors for styles that open from two sides.

AC Or DC Gate Motors For Fences?

What makes these types of gates convenient is the gate motor, which are either battery-or AC powered. Each type of power has its advantages.

  • AC units are cheaper to buy, although the cost rises significantly as you add backup systems motions sensors, cameras, and other accessories. They are a good solution when you need more powerful motors for larger gates. This type of motor is often installed underground and require professional installation. The obvious problem is that a power failure renders the gate useless, unless you have battery backup. On a dark, rainy night where a storm has knocked out the power, you could find yourself fumbling with a gate key to gain access to your home.
  • DC units have higher duty cycle than AC, which makes them a good match for driveways with high traffic. They also operate a lower voltage, which makes them safer for DIY installers to add to their property. Less expensive than AC, they can also be fitted with backup batteries to protect you from failure. They have better collision-detection features, which makes them safer around kids or pets.

Triple Star Can Assist Your Gate Motor Shopping

Tripe Star Fencing Supply carries gate motors for fences that meet your preferences for a swinging or sliding gates. Need help in deciding what to buy? When you visit our website, you can chat with a representative or contact us for a quick reply.