Steel Fencing Products In Australia Shrug Off The Challenges Of Our Climate 

Australia is blessed with a sunny, dry climate and fresh, ocean breezes. That's great for beach going and water activities, but it can prematurely age fences and fence components. The salty air and unrelenting sun can deteriorate low-quality fencing products in Australia. Painted wood fences and vinyl fencing, for example, are both prone to cracking, fading, warping, and dryness over time. Even expensive wrought-iron fencing can fall prey to our climate if it's not well-made and protected. Steel and aluminium fencing are more durable, as long as they are manufactured to withstand the climate. 

The Most Important Feature Of Fencing Products In Australia That Can Withstand The Climate

The biggest concern with metal fencing products in Australia is how well they can resist corrosion and rust. We can thank our sea breezes for carrying oxidizing salt inland and contributing to the wear on metal fencing. Luckily, both aluminium and steel can be manufactured to withstand these corrosive elements.

Aluminium and steel can both be either galvanized or zinc plated to protect the metal from moisture. Both of these processes coat the metals in molten zinc. The only difference is the amount of zinc that is applied. Galvanized metals typically have a thicker coating of zinc than zinc-plated metals, but they both provide exceptional corrosion-resistance. 

As the zinc coating hardens, it reacts with the underlying metal to form a strong metallurgical bond. The two metals (zinc and the fencing material) both become stronger and more resistant to not only corrosion, but also scratches and denting.

Galvanized and zinc-plated steel and aluminium fencing products in Australia are more common than you might realize. Any type of steel or aluminium can undergo these processes. That means panels, connectors, brackets, finials, posts, and even chain link fencing can be coated for greater strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. You will have no trouble finding these reinforced fencing products in Australia in a style you want.

The coated fencing looks great too. You may expect it to look like a solid grey colour, but that's only true if the fencing is unpainted. Metal fencing products can be painted in any colour you desire. The paint just goes on after the zinc coating process. Painted metal does add another layer of protection against the elements, but it's not an absolute requirement for zinc-coated fencing products since the zinc coating itself already provides additional environmental protection. 

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Aluminium and steel fencing components have always been prized for their versatility; they can be cut to just about any size, shape, or style. They're affordable, attractive, and unaffected by termites. Now with zinc coating options, they are exceptionally long lasting too, even in the toughest of climates.

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