3 Things to Look for in Fence Gate Motors

Yaron Berkowitz - Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 Things to Look for in Fence Gate Motors

The average property owner may not realize that fence gate motors actually come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the type of gate you have and what you need the gate to do, there are certain fence gate motors that are preferable over others. So how do you differentiate between fence gate motors? In this review, Triple Star Fencing Supplies shares three things to look for in fence gate motors.

#1 - A Motor That Opens the Way You Prefer
The first question you must answer before you can choose the best fence gate motor is how you would like the motor to open. Do you prefer the gate to swing open? Or do you prefer the gate to slide open from one side to the other? Different types of gate motors will perform this opening function differently. Choose which opening method fits the needs of your property best.

#2 - A Motor Capable of Handling the Weight of Your Gate
The next factor to look for in a fence gate motor is the weight it is capable of opening. It is important to choose a fence gate motor that is designed to effectively handle the weight of your gate. Triple Star Fencing Supplies can help you determine which fence gate motors are equipped to handle the weight of your commercial or residential gate, ensuring optimal functionality.

#3 - A Motor That Moves at the Desired Speed
The third item to look for in fence gate motors is the speed at which they open and close. If security is a number one priority for your commercial or residential property, then you will want to choose a fence gate motor that closes quickly, preventing any cars from entering the premises by following another vehicle. Some fence gate motors include settings that allow you to choose the speed at which it opens and closes, allowing you to customise the settings according to your preferences.

Triple Star Fencing Supplies offers a variety of high quality fence gate motors for both commercial and residential gates. Contact us today for more information.

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