4 Things Fence Manufacturers Will Want To Know About Your Planned Enclosure Project

Julie Tieu - Monday, December 23, 2013

You've been picturing it in your head for months or years and you've decided it's finally time to build that fence you've always wanted. At Triple Star Fencing Supplies it's our goal to help you realize your dreams by fabricating the ideal enclosure for your situation. But, in order to deliver on that promise, we'll need to know a few important things about the project. Here are four questions you should be ready to answer when contacting fence manufacturers about your plans.

Why Are You Building The Fence?

Knowing the purpose of your enclosure will be one of the biggest aids in determining the materials and design best suited for your project. Are you looking to define a property line? Interested in keeping kids and pets safe? Constructing a security perimeter? Fence manufacturers can help inform you about the ideal solution for any situation, but first we need to know exactly what you expect your fence to do.

How Big Will It Be?

We know it can be difficult for the average homeowner to take accurate perimeter measurements, so while exact figures are nice, a rough estimate of the size of your intended enclosure will do just fine. Even just walking around the property counting your paces can give you a solid size estimate, and the more information we have, the more accurate a cost estimate we can provide.

Where On Your Property Will It Be Located?

There are a number of location factors that can affect design and construction. What material will the posts be placed in? Will existing landscaping features need to be relocated or avoided? Are there environmental factors like sun exposure or sprinkler patterns that will influence the choice of materials? All of this information can be vital in helping fence manufactures determine the options for your project.

Don't Be Afraid To Give Fence Manufacturers Your Budget

One mistake that many property owners make when planning an enclosure is not being upfront about their budget. At Triple Star we want to help you get the most for your money, but without an open dialogue about what you can afford it's difficult to determine the best recommendations to make. By providing a picture of what you're looking to spend we can outline the options that will both fulfill your needs and stay within your budget.

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