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Yaron Berkowitz - Friday, February 20, 2015

Pool Child Safety Laws Feed The Demand For Fencing Supplies In Australia

In Australia's warm climate, having a pool in your yard is almost a survival technique. If you can afford it, owning a pool is convenient way that allows you to cool off as often as you like without having to go to the beach or a community pool and also provides a great attraction for entertaining. When you own a pool, having a fence is essential for safety, which is probably why there are many companies that manufacture and distribute fencing supplies for pools in the country. Triple Star is a local supplier that offers what pool owners need to keep their property safe for their own and neighbourhood children.

Pool Safety Concerns For Children

After a disturbing rise in child pool drowning cases on Oz in the 1960s and 70s, many jurisdictions in Australia eventually adopted fencing legislation and other "best practice solutions" to stem the problem. It took decades to get national action, but as of 2010 homeowners are now required to fence the area around their own pool.

Fencing regulations have not yet changed drowning statistics significantly, as many children drown in the ocean, lakes, and unfortunately, via child abuse, while drowning rates among kids are higher among indigenous populations then among suburban homeowners with fenced pools. Nonetheless, fencing is a sensible approach to limit many preventable death and brain injuries that result from near drowning.

Fencing Legislation In Practice

The laws in place for residential fencing are complex and require a variety of fencing supplies to meet the requirements for child resistant barriers and no climate zones. All states and territories in Australia are developing laws to meet national standards which require:

  • All pools must be registered with the state
  • Communities must set swimming pool barrier inspection programs that comply with Australians Standard for the Swimming Pool Fencing (ASI1936).
  • Pools must have a four sided barrier with the minimum height of 1200 mm, with less than a 100m gap at the bottom or between panels within a meter of the pool, it should be no objects that children can climb scale the fence.
  • Pool gates must swing away from the pool and have child safety locks secured on the side.

So far, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, and Victoria are among the states that have strict laws in place. By 30 November 2015, pool owners in Queensland must have certificates of compliance.

The Race For Pool Fencing Supplies

The new laws have made fencing supplies in high demand, so manufacturers like Triple Star who make fittings, finials, brackets, and fence panelling have been busy to meet demand. Pool builders can find the components they need to construct the proper fences and barriers around pools of all types. While our company offers popular products in stock sizes, we are willing to work with customers to create parts that meet strict legal requirements while offering the right aesthetics to the property.
For information or a quote on fencing supplies that will enhance residential and commercial pools, contact Triple Star today.
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