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Yaron Berkowitz - Friday, November 20, 2015

Complete A Timber Paling Privacy Fence With Metal Fencing Products From Melbourne

When you are looking for a beautiful fence for your home, a timber paling fence is a popular choice. Considered uniquely Australian, this type of wooden fencing employs natural eco-friendly products and can enhance homes of any style. While wood is the major component, in order to complete this job, you also need a good supply of metal fencing products in Melbourne. While Triple Star does not sell all the components for this popular fencing product, they offer the components such as steel or aluminum post caps, fittings, and gate motors to complete the job.

The Advantages Of Timber Paling Fencing

Timber paling fences use woods such as pre-treated pine for the slats and termite and weather resistant hardwood posts for the structure. Individual slats are often topped with steel caps for a finished look. By varying the design, you can add visual interest, while preserving the characteristics that this type of fencing is known for:
  • Privacy. Built to your desired height, a timber paling fence protects your yard from prying eyes. Whether you have a pool that needs fencing for safety or you want to keep your backyard entertaining private, the opaque nature of wood will do the job.
  • Weather Protection. Wooden fences reflect heat and block the wind, which makes your yard more enjoyable.
  • Sound Reduction. You fencing will absorb noise, even if you are located near a freeway or other busy street. If you are playing music in the background, your fence will reduce the noise for neighbours.
  • Cost Effective. Usually built of pine, timber paling fence is less expensive to build or have installed than many metal fences.
  • Durable. While wood is the major component, your fence is secured with metal brackets, hinges, gate frames, fasteners, and trim. 
  • Easy Installation. While professional installers do an excellent job of building creative timber paling fences, many handy homeowners find that installing a timber paling fence is a manageable DIY job.

Easily Accessible Fencing Products In Melbourne

The key to building an effective and beautiful wooden fence is in using the right fencing products. In Melbourne, you have the advantage of easy availability of quality wood, as well as the steel and aluminum components from Triple Star Fence Supplies. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional fencing installer, you can enjoy easy online access to all the metal brackets, caps and other materials you need to create a fence that is sturdy and beautiful. Many standard items are always in stock, or if you have a special need to complete your design, Triple Star can design and create a custom item for you.

With over 20 years in the business, Triple Star offers the fencing products to complete timber paling fencing in Melbourne and beyond; they have a wide variety of locally sourced wood perfect for timber paling fences. For more information contact us today at 03-9793-1114 or request a quote online.

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