Choosing The Right Fence Materials In Australia

Yaron Berkowitz - Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Choose The Right Fence Materials For Australia 

Choosing the right fence materials for Australia’s climate and landscape depends largely on the purpose of the fence. The materials available for an enclosure vary in strength and durability, so it's good to start a project with that purpose in mind.

The Three Main Types Of Fence Materials In Australia

Manufacturers mainly produce three types of fence materials as follows: wood, metal, or synthetic. The materials are comparable in many ways and work well for fencing in Australia. For that reason, the purpose of the fence is the best guide for choosing fence materials in Australia.

Consider Your Purpose 

There are many reasons you may need a fence, but if your purpose is for security, style, or practicality, then some materials will work better than others. It’s important to consider the product and its' characteristics when you look for a fence that meets your needs.

  • Security. If the goal of the enclosure is to protect the property, then use a metal product. Metal is the hardest material to penetrate, which means it deters intruders the best. Metal is strong, but it can also be stylish, so it works well for both residential and commercial buildings.
  • Style. Wooden fences are very aesthetically pleasing; they offer style to a home or business. Adding a picket fence gives properties a look of traditional charm; add a coat of white paint for some sophistication or tilt the slats horizontally for country chic style.
  • Practicality. Synthetic products are mostly made of vinyl. These are good, sturdy enclosures that are easy to install. The variety of colour and styles make them extremely compatible with any project. The main consideration for vinyl is that this material might get brittle and weather over time. An easy fix is to add weather protection during production, ask about this added feature before you make your final purchase.

Whatever your reason for building a fence in Australia, there is a material to match your need. If you are unsure of which material to use, think about the purpose of the fence and go from there. If you have any questions about fence materials in Australia, bring your project to the knowledgeable staff at Triple Star for expert advice and recommendations.

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