Choosing The Right Residential Swing Gate Motor

Yaron Berkowitz - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Keep Your Residential Swing Gate In Top Form With An Upgraded Gate Motor

The gate motor is a key element to the swing gate system that keeps your property safe for children and pets, secure against intruders and wildlife, and conveniently accessible for your household vehicles. If your aged gate motor is causing your swing gate to stutter as it moves, or if it begins opening and closing more slowly than it has in past, it is time to think about replacing the motor before it fails entirely, causing your household all manner of inconvenience, and possibly even vehicle damage. 

Enjoy Peace And Quiet

Another common reason to replace your old motor is that current model motors are far quieter than those produced a decade or more ago, both in terms of actual motor noise, and in terms of softer openings and closings of the gate. Say goodbye to the grinding, clanking, and clattering. Perhaps you can install a pleasant chime to let you know when the gate is opened, instead. 

Easy Emergency Access

Contemporary model motors also make it easier for you to disengage the motor and open the gate manually, in case of power outage or other emergency situations. You will never again have to worry about opening up the housing in the rain and trying to find the release lever or cable in the dark. All you need with a current model is a key. 

Select The Right Motor Size

Selecting your motor depends on three key factors: the weight and size of your gate leaf, and the slope of your driveway. If the gate’s swing is level, that consideration is not an issue, but in cases where the driveway is sloped, the motor itself may need to be more powerful to efficiently raise and lower the gate as it opens and closes. 

Upgrade Your Swing Gate System 

Updating your swing gate system with a new gate motor increases the value and utility of your home. Your swing gate should make life a little more convenient and secure, so be certain that yours is giving its best performance. Contact Triple Star Fencing online for additional information or request a quote today.

Jane Johnson commented on 07-Jan-2016 08:40 PM
I got electric swing gates fitted a few years ago but the contractor didn't select the correct motor size and because of this the motor got damaged and had to be replaced. Selecting the right motor size is always important.

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