Die-Cast Fence Products Offer Premium Quality And Top Value

Yaron Berkowitz - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Triple Star Fencing Die-Cast Fence Products Offer Premium Quality And Top Value

Top quality fence products begin with smart design and engineering. Whether you are ordering stock parts from Triple Star Fencing Supplies, or you need custom work, you will benefit from our design and manufacturing processes. By working with the best materials, sourced right here in Australia, and using those resources wisely, we offer top value for premium quality fence products.
  • Design – Our design team uses CAD and CNC tooling to produce moulds that will reliably produce flawless parts with minimal waste. If you need custom die-casting, we offer Engineering Design Review Process (EDRP) to ensure that you get the look and functionality you need from your custom parts, and allows you direct input to our team to optimise production speed, quality, and cost. EDRP service is offered at no additional cost to the customer.
  • Manufacturing – Our factory is ISO:9001:2008 certified, so we have a proven system of quality assurance built into our manufacturing processes. In addition, our lean manufacturing techniques and recyclable materials reduce environmental impact while reducing costly waste. Because our production system is highly flexible, tooling and setup are efficient and accurate, further reducing waste and expense.
  • Finishing - Overall, our design and manufacturing techniques result in more precise production and less need for finish work. In many cases, secondary operations and machining are not needed at all, so we save our customers money while decreasing energy use and environmental impact even further.
  • Fence Products And Beyond – Although fence products are our principle business, Triple Star manufactures other die-cast products for a wide variety of applications, ranging from automotive engine mounts and suspension parts to gas regulators and convertors. 

Triple Star Fencing For Premium Die Cast Parts And Service

Whether you are looking for top-quality stock fence supplies or custom-cast parts, Triple Star Fencing can help you get exactly the part your application demands, manufactured to exacting quality standards at a best-value price. Call us at 03-9793-1114 or contact us online to request a quotation or for additional information.

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