Estimating The Cost Of Fencing Materials

Yaron Berkowitz - Monday, October 10, 2016

Estimating The Cost Of Fencing Materials 

One of the biggest questions property owners have about fencing materials is "How much is this all going to cost?" Cost is a major factor in almost all fencing projects, influencing everything from the size of the fence to the materials used to the decorative elements added. 

Use the tips in this blog to help estimate costs and choose the right fence for your budget.

5 Tips On Estimating Fencing Costs

There are many factors that influence the cost of a fence including the type of materials used, the size, and whether or not you hire a professional to install it. In general, you can get a ballpark idea of the cost of the fencing materials by knowing:
  • The Type Of Fence You Want. Some fences simply cost more than others, usually because of the amount of labour or materials involved. A privacy fence, for example, will cost more than a similarly sized chain-link fence.
  • Fence Material. Fencing materials vary in cost. In general, chain-link is the least expensive followed by wood, then vinyl, then aluminium, and finally steel. 
  • Fence Size. The size of the fence has the biggest impact on the cost. Get a measuring wheel or a measuring tape to determine the amount of fencing materials you need. 
  • Post Holes. The number of post holes needed affects price, but the way those post are secured in the holes also affects the cost. Some fences require posts to be set in cement. This can get expensive. A less expensive option is to set the posts in a mixture of sand, gravel, and cement.
  • Add-Ons. Don't forget thing like brackets, gates, screws, and decorative elements when creating your estimate. It's easy to overlook these less visible parts of the fence, but they cost money too and need to be included in the estimate.  

Once you know the size of your fence (perimeter), you can get to work creating an estimate for fencing materials using basic math. Figure out the size of each panel or section of fencing, make sure to add a post to each end, and keep adding panels and posts until the entire perimeter is fenced in. Add in a gate or two as well as the necessary brackets and post hardware and you should get a pretty good estimate of the cost of your fencing materials.

Saving Money On Your Fence

If the fence is starting to get too costly, you can always adjust any of the factors above to save money. Switch from steel to aluminium or from privacy to chain-link. Scale back and only fence-in part of the property, as opposed to the entire perimeter. Forgo the decorative caps or spears. Install a manual gate instead of a motorized fence gate. Make the fence shorter. 

Visit Triple Star Fencing Supplies For Fencing Materials

Get some solid numbers to go with your fence estimate by browsing fencing materials at Triple Star Fencing Supplies. You'll find everything you need to create a solid estimate on our website. Visit or call 03 9793 1114 for assistance. 

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