Fencing Products That Enhance Home Pool Safety

Yaron Berkowitz - Friday, October 16, 2015

4 Fencing Products That Enhance Home Pool Safety

Fencing products are the first line of defense against home pool accidents. In 2014, 39 Australians drowned in pools, according to Royal Life Saving’s Annual National Drowning Report. Unclosed gates, climbable objects propped up against fences, poorly designed fences and fences that have not been maintained properly are all factors in such tragedies. Here are four fencing parts that can help you maintain an effective barrier between uninvited guests and your refreshingly tantalizing pool.

1. Spring-Loaded Hinges

Hinges that cause gates to swing outward, away from the pool and close automatically after opening are essential in keeping your pool area safe. A gate left even slightly ajar invites unwanted company, but forgetting to pull it closed is all too easy. A spring-loaded hinge makes closing automatic.

2. Self-Closing Latches

Similarly, your gate should latch automatically upon contact with the fence panel. With these two fencing products properly installed, you can rest assured that your gate is both closed and latched whenever someone enters or leaves your pool area. 

3. Locks

Even hinges and latches are not enough to prevent entry, however. A secure lock is another fencing part that is crucial to maintaining a safe secure enclosure. 

4. Well-Maintained Panels

If your fence panels are rotted or otherwise compromised, even the most secure gate cannot prevent entry. Check the screws in each panel and replace any that are missing. Make sure fence panels are not bent, loose or absent, and close any gaps with appropriate hardware.

To learn more about the role fences and preventative strategies can play in keeping your home pool area safe, and for lots more information on specific fencing products, drop a line to the fence experts at Triple Star Fencing Supplies.

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