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Yaron Berkowitz - Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Which Fencing Supplies In Australia Are Right For Your Home? 

When it is time to fence in your yard, you will naturally want to decide on fencing supplies. Australian suppliers offer a wide variety of materials, so all you need to do is compare each one to make your decision. 

Fencing Supplies In Australia: Pros And Cons

Wood: A traditional wooden privacy fence offers a beautiful natural look that can be finished with either paint or stain. Its durability would depend on the quality of the installation, what type of wood is used, and how well you keep up with maintenance. It can be susceptible to rot and you might have trouble with pests. Also, rising lumber prices could make the cost prohibitive. 

Vinyl: This option is durable and can be adapted to many different architectural styles. The installation process is similar to a wooden fence but the subsequent maintenance needs are much lower. However, you do need to consider how the climate will affect fencing supplies. Australian temperatures might be too much for low-grade vinyl and cause the fence to wear out sooner than you expect. 

Wrought Iron: You cannot go wrong with a beautiful wrought-iron fence! Modern steel is much more flexible than the cast iron that was previously used and is also cheaper. It may rust if the fence gets scratched, but a properly maintained wrought-iron fence will last a lifetime. Strong, versatile, and beautiful, it is hard to find better fencing supplies in Australia. 

Aluminium: This option is similar to wrought iron. Aluminium is not quite as strong, but it will not rust. It is very customisable and can be made to look just as classical or modern as you wish. 

Fencing supplies in Australia come in so many materials, colours, and other options that you will not have any trouble finding exactly the right look to go with your home. And if you need any assistance, the pros at Triple Star are happy to help! For more information or to request a quote, you can contact us through our website, send an email to order@triplestar.com.au, or call us at 03 9793 1114. 

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