Fireproof Fence Materials From Triple Star

Yaron Berkowitz - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fireproof Fence Materials From Triple Star

If bushfires occur near your property, you'll want to take extra care when choosing fence materials. Studies have shown that solid steel and hardwood fencing provide better fire protection than treated pine or open slatted fences by providing a barrier to both fire and heat.

This is important because while the initial fire may skip by the house or fence, debris or embers can float over the fence or through the slats after the fire pushes through and light up landscaping or building materials. Solid walls of fencing are much more effective at preventing these sparks from coming into contact with flammable debris on the property. Of course, this is only true of hardwood fencing that has been cleared of flammable debris. Combustible materials that abut the fence can actually provide fuel for the fire and lead to the fence itself catching fire.

Steel fencing doesn't pose this same risk and offers another advantage: it is less likely to suffer complete structural failure in a fire than other materials. It may buckle or separate at the joints or suffer scorching under really hot and prolonged conditions, but, in general, it stays intact, which helps limit house-to-house fire spread.

Shop For Steel Fence Materials At Triple Star Fencing Supplies

Triple Star Fencing Supplies carries everything you need to construct a high-quality, durable, and fire-resistant fence. Our steel brackets, clamps, posts, and connectors provide strong support for fire-resistant panels. 

If you are less concerned about fire and more concerned about aesthetics, we can help there too. Our steel panels and pickets create a beautiful boundary for any property and can be customised to your exact needs and specifications. Add decorative finials, caps, spears, rings, or, scrolls for a truly unique look then finish the project with letterboxes, sliding or swinging gates, electric gate motors, and other security features.

Visit Triple Star Fencing Supplies In Melbourne 

Visit Triple Star Fencing Supplies at If you know what you need, you can place your order right online. If you need some advice, contact us on 03 9793 1114 to discuss your project with one of our team members.

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