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Yaron Berkowitz - Monday, June 29, 2015

Gate Motors Are The Heart Of Your Electric Gate - They Are Essential To Its Function

The thought of a large entry gate swinging open to let the limousine pass through may seem like the stuff of movie legends, but these are practical, viable options for homeowners and businesses. The electric entry gate acts like a garage door, granting entry to your property and then providing security after you pass. However, the pivotal part of the machinery is not the type of fence that you use, but rather the gate motors that propel the gate.

The Function Of Gate Motors 

Gate motors are the primary consideration when you want a swinging gate. They will be the muscle behind the swing, and so you should think about the type of motor that applies to your circumstances. The torque, or twisting force, affects the speed of the motor. Because gate motors are low horsepower machines, there are many variables that can affect the torque of an electric gate.

Factors That Affect Torque Of Electric Gates

Not every electric gate is the same, and choosing the right parts, including the motor, means taking the following factors into consideration:

  • Weight. The type of motor will depend on the material of the gate. A wooden gate that is thick and solid will be considerably heavier than a picket fence gate. Metal is obviously capable of being heavy, but some fence products made of metal are actually slim and light. It's important to know the weight that the motor will need to push or pull open. 
  • Swing. The gate motor has to have the capacity to handle the momentum produced by the gate swing. If the gate swings wide and the motor has to pull open a long, lengthy piece of fence, then it will need to be capable of bearing a heavier load. However, if the gate opens in the centre and the motor pulls open two halves, these will be lighter and require less force. Then again, if the fence opens to the side and slides vertically, the gate motor will need to be able to pull the length of the gate. In a vertically sliding opener, the longer the gate, the more load bearing capability will be required of the motor.
  • Speed. Unlike a garage door that opens and closes in separate functions, an electric gate will open and close as a single function. The speed of the opening and closing will depend on the strength of the motor. Sometimes, homeowners want the gate to close quickly as a security feature. This may not be as safe as it sounds if the gate closes too quickly and essentially "catches" the user as it closes. The faster the closure, the stronger the gear motor will need to be in order to create speed. Adding weight and swing also affects speed and the motor will need to accommodate these factors.

No matter what type of electronic gate you choose, you'll need to carefully select the gate motor to ensure it has the power needed to keep the gate working. Search gate motors at to see all of the options available to you. With fence parts, production, and service all under one roof, Triple Star is a one-stop-shop for your enclosure project. 

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