Learn About The Different Fence Products For The Home

Yaron Berkowitz - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Which Fence Products Are Right For Your Home?

Fencing can serve many needs. Fence products can be used for practical purposes of keeping people and pets in or out of a property. They can be used as accents or decorative elements to enhance the appearance of the property. They can even be used for very specific needs, such as to provide safety around a swimming pool.

Not all fence products are suitable for every need. Scroll through this post to see which products are best for different situations so you can make a smart buying decision.

Best Fence Products For Every Situation

  • PVC Fencing Products - PVC or vinyl fencing is a great choice if you want low-maintenance privacy fencing for standard uses and applications. It is non-porous, comes in many colours, standard styles and sizes, and does not require any type of painting to maintain its colour. If termites are a problem for you or maintenance is a concern, PVC fencing is a great choice. The downside to PVC fencing products is the cost. The initial costs are higher than wood or chain link fencing. The pieces also come in 4-5 foot panels, which makes working with a slope, or placing the fence low to the ground, difficult.
  • Wooden Fence Products - Wood fencing is typically made of pine or cedar and is available unfinished. Components are available in many sizes and styles; wooden fence products lend themselves well to custom shapes and sizes. Wood fencing is readily available and easy to work with. You can paint or stain the fence to add colour to enhance its' looks but fencing wood is also perfectly fine left unstained. It will weather naturally. Wooden fencing is a classic choice and provides you with many options from full privacy screening, to picket fences, to partial screening. Wood costs less than PVC and is an eco-friendly choice, unlike PVC products. Repairs and replacement of damaged pieces is easily done with a few simple tools. Keep in mind there will be natural variations between boards. Cracks can develop over time and wood can rot but this depends a great deal on the conditions the fence is placed in and your maintenance of the fencing.
  • Chain Link or Metal Fencing - Chain link or metal fencing is usually made of galvanized steel or vinyl-coated steel wire, posts, caps, and rails. Galvanization makes the fencing extremely strong as well as rust and corrosion resistant. The fencing is available in many lengths and widths and even colours and gauges/weights to suit any need. Chain link fences are the most cost-effective of fencing products, creating boundaries but still letting in light. Metal is a versatile product that is often used to build kennels or fence in gardens or pools as well as traditional fences. This is a low-cost choice that is effective, strong, and long-lasting requiring practically no maintenance as long as the fencing remains undamaged.

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