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Yaron Berkowitz - Monday, June 20, 2016

Gate Motors Require Proper Maintenance 

Automatic gates are popular both for residential and business purposes. They are convenient, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. The brains of the operations are gate motors, which must be properly maintained. Without a properly functioning gate motor, you may be faced with the frustrating inconvenience of a gate that simply won't open.

Above all, gate motors are major machines, and require proper maintenance in order to operate efficiently. 

Best Tips For Upkeep Of Gate Motors

Below are 5 ways to maintain gate motors. Please be sure to turn the power off before working on gate motors. 

  • Minimize Obstructions - Keep the gate path clear of obstructions like rocks, vegetation, and debris. This enables the gate to open smoothly, decreasing the chances of motor malfunction.
  • Clean the Housing - Occasionally open the gate motor housing to make sure the interior is free of dust, insects, and vermin (which can be removed with a soft cloth). While the housing is open, check for signs of gear misalignment or belt cracks. 
  • Apply Lubrication - Periodically apply grease to hinges and chains to ensure fluid operation.  Use a grease gun to apply grease to hinges and a cloth to apply grease to chains. 
  • Inspect the Battery - Regularly check that battery fluid levels are normal and check for signs of corrosion around the terminals. Batteries do need to be replaced every few years.
  • Let it Go - Avoid turning the gate on or off while it is in operation, as this can, over time, run down the gate motor. Alternately, if the gate shuts off due to power outage, avoid forcing the gate open or shut. Switch to manual mode and call a technician.

Invest In A High Quality Gate Motor

Triple Star is committed to manufacturing low-cost, top-notch fencing supplies that meet all of your needs and meet international standards of excellence. High-quality gate motors operate better over time with proper maintenance. 

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