Pool Fence Parts Made-In-Australia By Fence Manufacturer

Yaron Berkowitz - Monday, May 11, 2015

In Australia, Fence Manufacturer Supplies Growing Pool Fence Market 

In Australia, a fence manufacturer has many solutions for a pool fence on the tip of his tongue. Pools are popular here and regulations regarding fencing are becoming stronger, so homeowners are interested in following the rules in a way that will complement their home.

The rules make it clear as to how every pool fence must meet these specs:

  • 1.2 m above ground from finished ground level
  • No gap at the bottom more than 10 cm from finished ground level
  • No gaps between vertical bars more than 10 cm
  • No more than a 90 cm gap between bars
  • All bolts, screws, and fasteners tight and in good working order
  • Self-closing gate hinges, locks, and latches, spray with silicone or lubricating oil

Top Fence Materials For Swimming Pool Enclosure

The rules do not specify materials for the fence itself, so homeowners have embraced an array of aluminium, glass, wood, and tubular materials. Just because it is the law to have a fence does not mean that it cannot be the most attractive one the homeowner wants to have.  

  • Aluminium fences are rust and corrosion resistant around the pool, even it is a saltwater model. The product comes in many nice upgrades from the basic aluminium chain link styles. Although you can put slats through the links for privacy, the basic aluminium fence offers visibility. It is also sturdy and long lasting.

  • Glass fences add a beautiful touch to a yard that offers see-through appeal and visibility to kids playing elsewhere in the yard. Available in either balustrade or frameless styles, glass fences are easy to clean and maintain. To get the most from a glass system, you must be committed to frequent cleaning.

  • Wood fences do the trick in a way that is the polar opposite to glass; they provide opaque privacy. A sturdy wood fence can be costly and requires regular waterproofing and staining. They are very complementary to a home and are worth the expense. 

  • Tubular fences made of steel or aluminium tubes come in a variety of colours and requires little maintenance, which makes it a popular newcomer to pool fencing.

Parts Made-In-Australia By Fence Manufacturer Triple Star 

Regardless of material, the hardware on all fences types is very important to keeping the fence functional and up to code. Triple Star is a proud member of the Australia fence manufacturer community who supplies the hardware and motors to keep fences in staff working order. Check out our supply of brackets, locks, fasteners, caps, and decorative embellishments today on our website.

For information about the components we make for pool fences contact us today.

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