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Yaron Berkowitz - Monday, May 11, 2015

Complete Your Steel Or Aluminum Fence With The Right Fencing Materials

With many choices available, what fence materials offer you the best properties for you application? Putting aside wood, glass, and wrought iron, often used to create beautiful residential fencing around a home or pool, many buyers look to metals such as aluminum, zinc, or steel. What you choose depends on the properties you need. 

Choose Steel For Strength And Durability

Steel fences, often galvanized with zinc, are known for their strength and durability.

  • The zinc coating keeps the product free of corrosion and rust, although they may eventually succumb to the elements.
  • The strength of the product makes it harder and more costly to install.
  • Chain link fencing aids great security to a property.
  • Steel tubular fencing is one option that adds great aesthetics to a home, while being reasonably priced enough to use for boundary fencing.
  • Galvanized steel is also sturdy and resistant to damage. It is the standard for industrial fencing where break-ins where are common.
  • The base price of fence materials and gates is at least two or three times that of aluminum, in comparison to wrought iron.

Choose Aluminum For Low Maintenance And Cost

Aluminum fences offer durability with less cost.

  • Aluminum withstands all weather conditions with little maintenance.
  • As it corrosion resistant, aluminum is a good choice near the sea where coastal winds and salt can damage the fence and its finish.
  • The product, though strong, is more susceptible to damage than steel. It will last a lifetime in most residential settings, although steel is probably better for commercial and industrial settings.
  • Cost-effective to buy, it is also lighter and easier to install.

Quality Fence Materials To Enhance Any Design

Whatever material you choose for you fencing, Triple Star can provide you with fencing materials you need to finish the job. We offer gate motors powerful enough to move even the heaviest fence, plus other supplies to make your fence attractive and long lasting. For example, we offer an assortment of caps, bracelets, fixtures, scrolls, and rings made of aluminum, zinc, or galvanized steel that will work when you install any fence. We diecast the aluminum and zinc parts at factory, and with all product we make or sell, we stand behind the quality.

Create a beautiful, long-lasting fence with quality fencing material from Triple Star. Request a risk-free quote at http://www.triplestar.com.au/request-a-quote.

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