Security Fencing From Australian Fence Manufacturers

Yaron Berkowitz - Thursday, November 12, 2015

Buy High-Quality Security Fencing From Australian Fence Manufacturers

Most businesses need a security fence and a security fence should keep intruders off the property or out of certain areas. But, you also have a reputation to uphold so you may want to preserve the curb appeal of property, as well. With fencing products from Australian fence manufacturers, you can meet your objectives without compromising protection or aesthetics.

Tubular Steel Offers Added Protection 

A fence made of custom or premade tubular steel serves as a deterrent around corporate offices, parking lots, apartment complexes, schools, businesses and industries of all types. It is also an attractive choice, because it looks like wrought iron. However, unlike wrought iron, its manufacture and maintenance costs are significantly less. It is available in several different heights and it comes in light, medium, and heavy gauge. You can also choose to add decorative accents, such as loops or spearheads.

While aluminum is a popular fence material that is corrosion resistant, a hot dip galvanized and powder coated steel fence panel is sturdier and more long lasting than its aluminum counterpart. The joints are welded for security. With its sturdy steel construction and tamperproof nuts, bolts, and fittings, these fences can offer protection from the vehicle crashes, intruders, and vandals.

Additional Security Features

What adds to the security and convenience of tubular steel fencing systems are that they can be fitted with cantilever gates that require no tracks to function. These self-aligning gates are suspended with a series of sealed bearings with cantilever rollers mounted on posts. This type of fencing can withstand bad weather and abuse.

Tubular steel fencing offers anti-climbing features in several different shapes and varieties. Typically affixed to the top of the fence, these features are shaped and designed to make your fence virtually impossible to climb over. Many anti-climbing features also look decorative, so they do not detract from the aesthetics of your fence, like spikes or barbed wire.

Many security fencing application require special features, such as perimeter security. By wiring the fence, you will receive alerts from your security company, if anyone is in danger on the property.

Enjoy Triple Star Quality

Fence manufacturer Triple Star Fence Supplies offers standard and custom tubular steel panels, as well as steel and aluminum fasteners, brackets, hinges, finials, loops, balls, and caps to make your security fence both attractive and impenetrable. 

For information or a quote on fencing supplies to meet your security needs, contact Triple Star today.
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