Should You Activate Fence Gate Motors With Remotes Or With Keypads?

Yaron Berkowitz - Monday, October 10, 2016

Should You Activate Fence Gate Motors With Remotes Or With Keypads?

Technology seems to create more options for us every day. Fence gate motors haven't been left behind during tech advances. When auto-opening fences were first invented, keypads were the way to activate the motor. Soon, remotes came on the scene, allowing users to open the gate from afar, much like a garage door.

Today, you have your choice of ways to activate gate motors and gain access to a property. Both remotes and keypads remain popular with property owners even though they work in different ways.

Remote Operated Gate Motors

As we mentioned above, remote operated gate motors work the same way as a remote operated garage door. Press a button and the gate opens. The remotes usually operate via a radio frequency, infrared technology, or Bluetooth technology. Each of the systems relies on secure algorithmic procedures to function, which makes it difficult for anyone to hack the system and gain access to your property. 

Keypad Operated Gate Motors

Keypad operated gate motors require you to physical punch buttons to open the gate. Keypads may be hardwired into the electrical system or communicate with the gate motor via a wireless connection. Keypads are extremely secure because they require a digit passcode, which only you know. Furthermore, these codes can be changed from time to time to enhance security; some keypads allow you to enter multiple codes so you can assign family members one code and guests or the postman another. Another nice thing about keypads is that they are attached right to your gate or set up right outside the gate so you don't have to worry about losing a remote! 

Which Is Better?

Whether you use a remote or a keypad comes down to personal preference and your lifestyle. Families with teens who come and go may prefer a keypad so they don't have several remotes floating around. People who don't want to have to get out of the car and punch in a code every time they enter or exit the property, prefer remotes.

Whatever you decide, rest easy knowing that both methods are compatible with fence gate motors and fully secure.

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