The Advantages of Diecast Fence Materials

Yaron Berkowitz - Thursday, March 27, 2014

The 4 Key Advantages To Utilising Diecast Fence Materials

Diecasting has been a reliable way to create strong, consistent metal parts since its invention in the mid-1800s. Since then, the fundamentals of the process have remained largely unchanged, but the continued evolution of the materials used and the versatility of the finished products make this centuries old process one of the most valued modern manufacturing techniques available.

Here at Triple Star Fencing Supplies, we utilise diecasting to create a wide variety of components. Here are just a few reasons why our diecast materials continue to be so popular.


Over the years, we've honed our diecasting methods and practices to create a process that is both efficient and reliable. Our ability to produce parts quickly and with the quality that our customers have come to expect saves both time and money, allowing us to pass on those savings to buyers. Our flexible tooling strategy and lean manufacturing methods are specifically designed to reduce costs, making our diecast fence materials an incredibly affordable option.

Corrosion Resistant

Thanks to modern innovations in finishing and coating technologies, diecast parts are often mistaken for cast iron or other metals, but the vast majority of parts are cast in aluminium or zinc, giving them incredible corrosion resistance and durability. Using diecasting ensures that your project will retain its beauty long after installation. In addition, because our materials are 100% recyclable, waste and scrap is kept to a minimum, reducing the carbon footprint of both our factory and our clients' projects.

Diecasting Creates Consistent Fence Materials

We manufacture all of our part moulds to exacting standards, ensuring that every product produced meets our strict quality inspection. Whether your project calls for a handful of scrolls, or hundreds of individual spears, diecasting allows us to guarantee consistent production of each and every part. Meanwhile, our complementary Engineering Design Review Process helps us optimise and improve both new and existing parts to ensure the upmost in quality.

Design Flexibility

By consistently listening to our customers, we have assembled a collection of fence materials here at Triple Star to suit nearly any project need. But even with our huge selection of components, we understand that some project may require a custom touch; that's why we remain flexible to your design requests and can create custom moulds to produce the exact parts you require. Our modern manufacturing techniques allow for an incredible amount of collaboration between our design staff and our customers and we specialise in creating custom parts for a wide variety of applications.

If you have questions about the diecasting process, or would like to browse our full selection of fence materials, visit our website or call 03-9793-1114 to speak with one of our diecasting experts.
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