The Most Important Fence Products For Commercial Applications

Yaron Berkowitz - Monday, February 03, 2014

The Most Important Fence Products For Commercial Applications

Manufacturing fence products for commercial customers requires understanding the unique needs of commercial properties and their owners. Many of our clients want an enclosure that offers both property delineation and security, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. In order to deliver on these requirements, Triple Star Fencing Supplies has created a range of materials specially designed to offer commercial clients the best in durability and visual appeal while keeping some crucial qualities in mind.

Fence Products That Are Strong

For many of our commercial clients, security is the primary concern. A well-built fence can offer a property owner the peace of mind of knowing that their land or facility is protected from unwanted intrusions. At Triple Star Fencing Supplies, we use only the finest raw materials to ensure that all of our fence products maintain the strength and reliability that our clients demand. From the largest fence sections to the smallest bracket or fixture, each part we produce must meet the highest of standards before it leaves our facility.

Effective Latches And Locks

The highest quality gate is of little use without the right latch, lock or handle to ensure that it functions and secures properly. Whether intended to allow access to foot traffic or designed as an entrance for  vehicles, by definition the weakest points of any fence are its gates, so our commercial latches and locks are designed both to fit into the overall design of the enclosure and offer reliable and secure operation.

Reliable And Efficient Gate Motors

Many commercial enclosures require automated gates, which leads to the need for fence gate motors that can be counted on to open and close them with ease. The proper motor for a given application will depend on a wide range of factors including the size and weight of the gate, the speed at which it is required to open and close and any additional safety or security requirements that need to be met. Triple Star Fencing Supplies not only offers a selection of top quality motors, but also has the experience and expertise to offer our clients advice on which motor would be right for their particular gate.

Triple Star Fencing Supplies can provide you with all of the part you need to create a beautiful, distinctive and durable enclosure for both professional and residential applications. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about any of the products offered by Triple Star, use our convenient online contact form or call 03 9793 1114 to speak with one of our fencing professionals.
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