Three Fencing Products You Need

Yaron Berkowitz - Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Fencing Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Building the ideal fence is about much more than just rails and bars. While a simple, no-frills design is certainly an option, creating a distinctive look involves incorporating features and fencing products that you may be less familiar with. When you picture a beautiful fence, you're likely imagining a few of the features below without even realizing it.


When most people think of a beautiful fence, they picture intricate metalwork with ornate details. Those distinctive features are often created using scrolls. Modern diecasting techniques allow for the creation of scrolls in a wide range of sizes and shapes with varying degrees of intricacy. Whether it's a collection of simple bends to accent a gate, or larger, more complex scrolls used to break up long runs or panels, scrolls are a great way to give your project its own unique character.


The utility of your fence is only limited by your own creativity. Many of our clients ask about ways they can improve their initial design and one of the features that we often suggest is a letterbox. Particularly useful for enclosures that will surround a property, a letterbox can be as simple or as complex as your enclosure requires. In addition to an added aesthetic touch, by implementing a letterbox, mail carriers don't have to enter your property to deliver the post.


By quite literally topping off your fence, spears give your project a finished look and can be cast in a huge variety of designs and styles. Spears fit inside each tube and provide another opportunity to make your enclosure unique. From a simple point or ball, to far more ornate designs, spears are the perfect way to turn a stark, utilitarian fence into a work of art that's as beautiful as it is functional.

Triple Star Fencing Supplies carries all of these fencing products and much more. Visit our online store to browse our entire selection or contact one of our knowledgeable account representatives to help you select the products that will best suit your project.  
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