Why Choose Die Cast Fencing Materials?

Yaron Berkowitz - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why Choose Die Cast Fencing Materials?

You have a lot of choice when it comes to metal fencing materials and accessories in Australia. You'll find plenty of metal scrolls, caps, and decorative items to top off your fences, but for premium quality and appearance, make sure those items are die cast. 

What Is Die Casting?

Die casting requires a mould (die) into which molten metal is inserted. The use of the mould ensures the products produced are consistent and smooth. Moulds also allow for some creative and unique design elements that wouldn't be possible with other methods. Molten metal like zinc or aluminium is injected into the die, allowed to harden, and then ejected. The process is very quick once the mould has been created, which makes it a popular choice for high-volume production needs.

Advantages Of Die Cast Fencing Materials

Die cast fencing materials are:
  • Durable. Die casting adds corrosion resistance making die cast fencing materials extremely long-lasting. Your project will still look great years after installation.
  • Strong. Die casting adds strength to softer metals like zinc and aluminium. It's not unusual for die cast fencing to be mistaken for cast iron - they are that strong.
  • Consistent. Die casting results in a mould that is used over and over again to create the exact same product every time. Product consistency is assured no matter how many pieces you order.
  • Eco-Friendly. Metal is infinitely recyclable so even when you grow tired of your fence, it can be recycled and repurposed into a new product.
  • Customisable. Moulds can be custom made to meet any demand. Complex shapes and sizes are easily achieved over and over again once a mould has been cast. 
  • Cost-effective. The use of moulds also cuts down on costs by streamlining the manufacturing process. 

Create Your Own Die Cast Fencing Materials At Triple Sat Fencing Supplies

Triple Star Fencing Supplies is certified to International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 standards. Our goal is to help you reduce costs and improve efficiencies through die cast production techniques. We make custom moulds to meet any need and look forward to helping you improve your business! Contact us on 03 9793 1114 or send us a message to obtain a quote

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