Get A Fencing Makeover With Triple Star Fencing Supplies

If you have already invested in quality fencing for your property, you may have discovered that it is so durable, it has lasted long enough to need a style update. It is easy to give your fence a makeover with Triple Star Fencing supplies. 

Add Kerb Appeal, Add Value

Because Triple Star Fencing manufactures its own fencing supplies, like decorative post caps and spears, they are able to offer their customers unique forms that cannot be found in the local hardware store. Whether you are upgrading from more basic hardware, or replacing dated decorative pieces, a refreshed look will showcase your garden and home, and give new style to your existing fencing. Replacing a weatherworn old letterbox is another simple way to update your home’s exterior look. It is an economical way to make a big impression, for your own enjoyment or for better kerb appeal to attract potential buyers. 

Top Quality, And Locally Manufactured

The Triple Star Fencing facility in Melbourne uses premium material to manufacture every piece to exacting specifications. The factory is certified to meet ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Standards, which means that every step of manufacturing from documentation to process to quality assurance is carefully planned, monitored, and reviewed to give consistently flawless products.

Triple Star is Australian-owned, and manufactures in Victoria; they are embedded in the community as both a provider of quality products and as a local employer. Safety standards in the Triple Star factory are as rigorous as the standards for product quality. Developing safe practices and safety equipment standards are a priority, and employees are trained and monitored for continual improvement to the factory’s safety culture.

Unlimited Design Options

For customers who want to create a look all their own, Triple Star offers custom die-casting. Whether it is a part with a specialized function, or a bespoke visual design, the team at Triple Star will work with you to create a custom mould, so your part can be manufactured now, and replicated later, if you ever need a replacement. 

Faster Turn-Around, Lower Cost

Efficient engineering is the heart of the manufacturing process. Whether the part requires complex holes or threads, or odd geometric shapes, superior design leads to reduced rejection rates due to defects, and less secondary machining. By streamlining the tooling process, job set-up is much faster and less expensive. The net result is that customers get precisely the part they needed and wanted, produced in premium quality for long service, at a lower cost, and with faster turn-around on their orders than other custom manufacturers are able to offer.
Trust Triple Star Fencing Supplies
Increase your home’s value and visual appeal by updating and upgrading your fencing hardware and accessories today. Whether you plan to enjoy your home for decades to come, or you want a simple way to dress it up to attract a buyer, you will get a solid return on your investment. Contact Triple Star to learn what beautiful choices they have in store for your home.