At Triple Star Fencing Supplies, we understand that our customers are looking for high quality parts and cost effective manufacturing processes. By utilizing advanced diecast production technologies and ensuring stringent quality control measures, we ensure the most durable and accurate products finished to the highest standards.


Smarter Engineering Keeps You Competitive

From smart part engineering comes better designed parts, lower costs and a vastly reduced reject rate. We use high quality materials sourced in Australia to make all of our diecast products. Our team is trained to practice lean manufacturing methods so that our production system is flexible and efficient. In many cases, secondary operations and machinery can be totally eliminated saving our customers time and money. 

The benefits of using Triple Star Fencing Supplies: 

  • Our diecast parts are robust and durable. Each diecasting we produce offers outstanding corrosion resistance and therefore a long service life.
  • Each zinc or aluminium diecasting is also 100% recyclable helping to reduce waste and scrap and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Our production services are totally flexible and we can achieve a wide range of designs including complex holes and threads and geometrical shapes.
  • Our tooling strategy is designed to reduce tooling costs, increase efficiency and ensure quicker job set up. This helps our customers to reduce their overheads and stay competitive.
  • We offer an Engineering Design Review Process to help optimize and improve your new and existing parts at NO COST to you.
  • We give you total flexibility over your design and can make custom moulds to cater for your needs.

At Triple Star Diecasting we strive to produce exceptional quality castings and to build strong business relationships with our customers. We are strongly committed to finding the best manufacturing solutions for our clients whilst aiming to keep costs low and standards high.

Triple Star Diecasting is proud to be certified to International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 standards.

At Triple Star Diecasting it is our mission to help our customers define, plan and execute successful projects.

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